What do alien life forms really look like?

Here are some ideas that just emerged this morning:


The possibility that we actually host alien life forms in our body is real.

We host more organisms in our bodies than we have cells.

We are talking about billions of microorganisms living happily inside of us.

Our body is more like an ecosystem or a host to various forms of microscopic life.

What's even more interesting is that we live mainly in harmony with these independent life forms.

They have a life of their own and their intelligence is partially or totally independent from us.

Back to alien life forms...

Imagine that some or all of these microorganisms have been designed in some distant planet or energy system.

Imagine that some these organisms have been designed to direct or regulate aspects of our evolution.

Imagine that through remotely directed electromagnetic impulses, these alien organisms influence our energy field and consciousness.

Fiction or reality?

I don't have the answer but this morning my mind just opened up to that vision and possibility.



Alien life forms could be microscopic to huge.

We always tend to bring back alien life forms concepts to human like size.

What if you have super powerful intelligent alien beings which are bacteria size?

Tiny ants have developed an organic technology which is way more powerful in many ways than the human body.

They can lift objects which are 6 times their weight!

This is body strength and performance.

Now what about mind or energy skills?

The way we measure intelligence as humans is just according to our own very limited perception.

Intelligence might express itself in so many ways!

Most of these ways might be intelligence forms that we can't even conceive.

What about super large alien intelligences blasting us with a whisper like energy winds and creating whole civilizations in just one instant.

You might be familiar with the idea of the sun as an intelligence.

In Sanskrit and ancient sacred texts the sun is called Surya.

It is as well called the solar logos which is another term for solar deity.

How many civilizations do you know that have been worshipping the sun as a God?

The Egyptians used the term Amun Ra.

Luxor is dedicated to the sun.

The maoris use the word Ra as well.

Aztecs, Incas, Mayas and other pre columbian civilizations have a deep mythological connection with the Sun.

When you practice Surya Namaskar - Sun salutation - As a yogi, what do you think you are really doing?

It is a worship, gratitude or reverence practice to the sun.

Why would you do that?

Imagine that solar flares and other solar activities are visible expressions of the Sun's organic, intelligent life.

Imagine that these solar flares are "emotional eruptions" linked with energetic interactions between our sun and other distant solar deities.

Imagine that solar flares contain evolutionary electromagnetic codes that guide us in our human evolution.

Wild possibilities and free exploration.

I find these possibilities fascinating!


Imagine now that alien life forms and intelligences have been the building blocks for planetary life from the start.

Imagine that the life designs that became the present human being forms have been tested and engineered in various far away planets or energy realities.

Imagine that angelic forms are alien life forms traveling accross the galaxy and launching new life experiments whenever they are instructed to do so.

Imagine that mythological stories of greek gods and goddesses involved in drama and creating human semi gods is a romanticized metaphor for real deity life happening accross the universe.

Imagine that our interactions with alien life forms are not isolated events in human history but that we are permeated by millions or billions of daily biochemical processes that are all alien intelligent biochemical processes.

What if all life that we see on planet earth is actually transferred intelligence designed in its totality in other parts of our galaxy.

It's like your cell phone being a combined creation from various companies.

Cell phone research design, materials, engineering, software, distribution, apps, support are a combined effort coming from various sources.

Imagine that the same idea can apply to our human bodies and minds.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Where does your healing power really come from?

Where was our biochemical reward system designed?

These are all fascinating open questions!

I leave them all with you!

What do you feel?

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