Clear and respectful boundaries are a core aspect of sexual mastery.

If you get a "No" honor it, enjoy it, feel it.

It is a powerful experience.

Someone who sexually rejects you gives you a doorway into intimacy.

Yes! That's right!

You actually build up connection and intimacy by receiving it.

It is a window into intimacy potential.

It is a gateway to truth and authenticity.

It is way more interesting to play with someone who is powerful enough to give you a "No".

If someone gives you a "Yes" by fear or incapacity to express what they want, you enter in emotionally unstable territory.

Clear boundaries are a great starting point to great sex.

By the way, clear boundaries can mean no boundaries.

It can be a clear blanket agreement to do what you want anytime.

But it is an agreement and it is clear.

It is based on an expression of our power rather than a fearful "Yes".


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