Here are some simple affirmations to kick out a smoking habit!

  • When I smoke, I am and idiot
  • I am destroying my health if I smoke
  • I will never buy or accept cigaretttes again
  • smoking is the most stupid thing I can do
  • I will die 10 years earlier if I smoke
  • Every cigarette I smoke takes away 1 day in my life
  • Smoking is poluting my body
  • Smoking is stupid
  • Smoking is not cool
  • I am way cooler when I don't smoke
  • I smell horrible when I smoke
  • My wife or partner won't kiss me if I smoke
  • My whole body smells like rubbish when I smoke
  • I put loads of toxins in my body when I smoke
There is more to say...

If you want to stop smoking, use energy techniques instead like fire breath, mantras and other techniques that give you an energy kick.

Smoking is essentially a shamanic practice that has been around for a long time in tribal activities.

The reason you smoke is to access the spirit world, ground, create emotional freedom, relax, take a break, etc.

The reasons why it's so destructive to smoke is because of the negative side effects.

The negatives overpower the positive by far!

Smoking is one of the most stupid things you can do in life!

Drop it and never ever come back to it

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