We need a revolution in the way we design shops. 

Right now, these spaces are underused. 

New agendas are emerging with new ways of interactjng with visitors. 

Usually, it's either you come in and buy something or you leave. 

Often, you want something else...

Be exposed to exciting energy without having to engage in a commercial transaction. 

Imagine a new shop model, call it simply space where 80-99% of what you offer can be in free access or involves activities that have nothing to do with commercial transactions. 

Imagine new places where most of what you do, at least 80% of the activity, is not about buying or selling anything. 

It is about sharing, helping and contributing. 

You can have some light invitations, nothing  pushy and fun driven energy. 

You learn, play, relax, chill, nurture, activate, energize, communicate, etc. 

Instead of full on gift economy where nothing can be bought or sold, you can do 95% other stuff and 5% commercial. 

Why not? 

Right now we live in a world where shopping and commercial transactions are way too present!

Spontaneous exchanges of knowledge, energy, and other forms of non material goods could be way more prevalent. 

Why do we call them goods?

Because they are goods. 

Instead of shops call them energy centers or spaces. 

They are still stable and commercially sustainable but they offer way more.

95% of their activity is non commercial.

And all aspects are equally empowered, not just the commercial ones.

Imagine walking through a city where you have tons of activities and spaces where you get your needs met.

This is often what websites are.

Now imagine transfering that idea to physical spaces and activating the creative stuff!


And it doesn't have to be in the form of organized structured workshops.

You can have planned activities and non planned spontaneous things happening.

Participation is not forced. 

It's high energy and high flow.

And... On the side, some things can be bought!

Tech shops should be laboratories!

They could be spaces to play, learn, explore, create, help, exchange and way more. 

Not some static hardware display! 

You enter in a shop and it's usually either you buy something or plan to, or you leave.

Very often it's online that the cool stuff is happening!

That's where you are exposed to the interesting stuff!

Knowledge, creativity, and more!

Physical forms don't need to be perfect!

They can be messy and chaotic!

What is the term for that?







"I will open a space in town"

Create spaces that work!

Which are more successful than the traditional stuff!

The aim is not to be better than the shops it is simply do follow a flow that works.

Notice as well that you don't call it creative because often what you need the most is not being creative. 

It might be healing, or chilling or eating or watching passively or connecting or learning something new or playing or making food or eating or even buying something.

When you are in town, very often the only option that is given to you when you enter a space is to make a buying decision or not and everything else must happen on the sidewalk.

See that?

Or sitting down and eating in a static chair/table format!


We can do so much better than that!

Cities must be reconquered by the human spirit!

And the way to do that is to start by what you own and control!

For instance if you sell make up, create a space in your shop which is an ongoing make up demonstration, or make up tips or make up health or...

If you have a restaurant, be inventive with new dishes, giving health tips, having a table for new food tasting, change the table format to open space, have healthy snaks treats, teach how to make smoothies, etc.


I have a space and I must start right here. 

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