Being politically correct and wanting to accomidate everyone all the time can be exhausting.

These barriers you put in your emotions often stop your truth and what you would rather say.

So, you hold it pack to try and keep everyone happy.

This is how society functions and stays stable.

If you were just going around voicing your truth without filtering it,  this might have very destructive consequences for you and those around you.

We are not talking only about friends and family.

Imagine if you are at the head of a corporation, work for a firm or work in a small farm in a third world country.

Imagine if you area political figure or a coach in a sports team.

Imagine that you are a school teacher.

In all these situations you are forced to filter your truth all the time.

If you were allowed to voice anything, guess what you would say?

What's reasonable?

How far do you stretch your truth?

What would happen if you would voice whatever you want to your partner?

Interesting questions, right?

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