The deep purpose of VITAL TANTRA is to connect you with the GALACTIC GRID and start evolving as a cosmically aware human being.

We enter into an era in which the active perception and possibility of life beyond the limits of planet earth is a reality.

In the same way that most people believe in some form of God or higher intelligence, most people as well believe that the possibility of life beyond planet Earth is a reality.


We have been here for a few million years and we already entered space exploration.

Imagine how fast we are evolving right now.

Imagine where we will be a million years from now.

Imagine us meeting other intelligent forms in space and starting to interact with them.

Do we have the optimized mindsets to connect harmoniously or are we going to project our basic animal instincts and enter in conflict or competition with these beings.

My belief is that we are optimizing as a human race right now.

We are given small doses of power and discover how to use them in optimized ways without abusing each other.

In many ways, we are still dealing with the basics.

Basic interpersonal conflicts, basic mind mastery, basic body mastery or basic personal power.

In other terms, we are still trapped in small life stories.

How can we engage in cosmic exploration if we are still trapped in the basics of human existence?

There is more, right?

We are all aware that the possibilities of our human race are endless.

To evolve to our next stage and be space ready, we need to get the basics right.

I feel that we need to be masters of ourselves in 5 key areas:

  • SEX MASTERY - Relationships, social life, etc
  • BODY MASTERY - Nutrition, Wellness
  • MIND MASTERY - Thoughts, emotions, feelings
  • MONEY MASTERY - Material power, assets, financial freedom, career etc
  • SPIRIT MASTERY - Invisible, religion, spirituality, etc

This is a hyper simplified version of what I feel our  present evolution is about.

This is as well what I teach in the VITAL TANTRA system.

We must master these aspects on a PERSONAL LEVEL.

This is not about telling other people what to do or setting up systems to control the masses.

It is about personal responsibility and personal freedom.

When you are faced with a choice, you must be able to see the greater good and the perfect evolutionary path to take the right step.

You must get your values and priorities right!

Part of it is life vision.

Another essential part is life skills.

For instance when negative emotions hit you, what do you do?

Are you master of your mind or are you enslaved by emotions you don't control?

Are your addictive behaviors destroying your life?

It's not about being perfect and having no shadows!

It is about being able to navigate anything that hits you.

You can see Planet Earth as a vast training ground where we develop the patterns that make use rise from animal instinctual nature to perfected human being.

As a human race, our job is to identify the perfected human codes and embody them.

And by codes, I don't mean a set of limiting rules.

Human codes are more subtle than that.

They are in the invisible, the subtle programs that guide our steps.

The good news is that we are not doing that alone.

I strongly believe that we are being supervised in our evolution.

My experience is that there are intelligent forces at play that are guiding our human evolution.

Gods, goddesses or angelic intelligences, etc.

This is more than a romanticized mythical story.

We can demystify the way we relate to these and imagine that they are highly evolved intelligent life forms.

Imagine that a thousand years from now, we are evolved enough to travel across the galaxy and populate new planets.

Imagine that on these planets we plant specific life seeds, forms of organic intelligences and that we let them evolve by themselves for a few thousand years.

Imagine that from these seeds new human forms evolve and new civilizations rise.

Imagine that we monitor their evolution from the distance without interfering too much with their choices unless they are on the verge of self annihilation.

Imagine that we come a few thousand years later and that we project a new energy wave that stimulates new evolutionary steps.

Imagine that we do that in subtle ways, influencing their minds without revealing our existence.

Imagine that we can do that without being seen or perceived.

What if what I just described is an actual metaphor for the story of our human race.

What if these invisible observers are waves of angelic beings guiding the evolution of humankind in subtle ways.

Right now what I describe is a myth.

It is a vision.

I have no scientific proof for any of that.

I only have hints, impressions, feelings.

We call that intuitive research.

Getting used to the idea that these visions are actually a reality prepares us for the next step in our evolution.

Right now, there is a lot going on in this planet that we can't comprehend.

What if the veils that separate us from the invisible were lifted today?

What exactly would happen?

Would we cope with this massive consciousness expansion?

Imagine that the real life dynamics of this galaxy were suddenly revealed to us!

What would we do with it?

Could we integrate that?

How would this information impact our daily life?

What if we are still trapped in the small stories of daily survival.

I hear these angelic forces whispering to our ears:

"Get ready! Prepare yourselves! One step at a time! You are on the right track! You are doing great!"

My consciousness radically shifted at the end of 2012.

After a series of experiences by the pyramids and other power spots around the world, something fundamental happened.

The core final experience lasted about 4 days early 2013.

I feel as if my mind downloaded a new program.

I took lots of notes during these four days to try and comprehend what was happening.

I felt that specific power points in my head were activated.

Before that, my reality was Earth based.

This means that my whole consciousness was focused on what happened on planet Earth.

After that experience, my consciousness shifted to Galaxy based.

This means that the center of my universe is no longer our sun, but the center of our Galaxy.

I feel that I am now connected with an intelligent field I call the Galactic grid.

Some people use terms like galactic federation or galactic hierarchy.

I am in alignment with these visions and concepts.

This means that our next step as a human race is to actively tune into this galactic reality.

It is like a new device we can use.

We developed the internet.

Imagine a galactic internet we can tap into energetically.

It is a bit like having this new giant screen of information and energy.

Guess what?

That's probably what the Egyptians, Incas and other ancient civilizations were already tapping into.

All these alignments, space being symbols, nazca designs, images of ships taking them to the afterlife represent just that: the interaction between the human race, other intelligence forms and other realities.

What if this active transfer of consciousness between worlds was already a reality for these ancient civilizations?

We are just reactivating ancient channels in new actualized forms

Most of the information we receive is originally formless!

It is the filter of our minds that gives this energy the forms.

This means that we are impacted by invisible intelligent energy and that we interpret it in our traditional language and sensory forms.

The energy that hits us is not happy, light or dark.

It is the filter of our bodies, mind and conditioning that gives it specific qualities, forms, words and concepts.

That's my experience.

This is important to understand.

Most energy that interacts with us is not in the form of words, feelings or traditional human experience.

Most of this information or energy will impact us without being noticed.

We might experience a slight energetic high.

We might suddenly engage in a practice or have a deep insight about our lives.


What I open through the VITAL TANTRA system is real life tactics to help you optimize your human personal vehicle.

What are the optimized mind sets to relate to sex, money or technology?

Do you have to suppress your desires?

What to do when you feel negative emotions?

How to communicate harmoniously when there is friction?


Right now, humankind is still integrating ways to master the "small" stories.

We are not talking about anything remote: How to be happy, balanced, honor your body, be respectful of others, master your emotions, enjoy your life, find meaning, etc,

Imagine being in an energetic space ship with a tribe of galactic explorers.

Are you sure we want to take the small life stories and unresolved traumas into space?

Or is it a great idea to clear that out first, so that we can really have a good time once we get to outer space?

Look around you!

Who is ready for space travel?

Who is free enough with a vast reserve of energy and curiosity to engage in the next step of our human evolution?

I am joking a bit here...

But seriously...

I feel this is exactly what we do right now.

We are preparing, harmonizing, optimizing, mastering our human vehicles to be able to activate our next evolutionary stage.

Tantra, sound healing, yoga, non violent communication, etc. are all optimization tools that allow us to harmonize various aspects of our being and open new consciousness channels.

Get ready! It's coming soon!


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