Back around 2000 I was having these conversations with a friend of mine who was going through a break up.

As weeks passed by, I was getting frustrated because I could see that her heartbreak was not healing much.

It was like a broken record.

As a friend, there was not much I could do except listen and feel drained by seeing her go in circles.

It's around that time that things started shifting.

As a coach I could feel how much power and new techniques I was getting.

In the beginning, I would arrive in sessions with no clear answers yet but as I was progressing with my clients, coaching tactics and strategies to solve life situations were clearly emerging.

I remember feeling like I was in a trance, getting intuitive insights about best ways to handle any challenges.

It's not just instinct!

It is knowledge as well.

I started developing high expertise in areas like break ups, jealousy,  mind power or nutrition tactics.

12 years later and hundreds of clients successfully helped, seeing solutions to tackle any challenge has become a natural way of being for me.

It is an art!

It is like music!

It is a skill that you train.

The only reason I am good at it is because I did it a lot!

I spent hours designing solutions and life tactics with my clients.

By now, I can instantly see coaching tactics to most of the challenges you might show up with.


Because situations and challenges repeat themselves.

Very often I will have a client coming to me and saying: "My situation is quite unique because..."

Well, I actually I don't want to rob you from that belief but the chances are high that I have been exposed to that same situation multiple times before with other clients.

In other terms, the chances are high that I am very familiar already with your case and probably have a set of tactics ready to tackle your exact challenge.


That's simply experience.

Another aspect of my coaching that is essential is that I really care!

As a human being, I feel you, I resonate with you and I am passionate about designing solutions together.

I know as well that time is precious.

Yes, it is sometimes so empowering to feel the challenge from within, experience all sensations associated with it before releasing it.

And I want you to move forward towards success as fast as you can.

I listen to your energy level and slow down if you need more time and nurturing energy.

But the moment you are ready to go for success, I partner with you to make sure you don't get side tracked or lost in the process.


That's very supportive.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to trust this.

Life is not playing a trick on you by exposing you to my coaching or teachings.

This is a real, powerful, solid life mastery path.

My aim is to give you all the tools you want to win any challenge!

On top of that, my sessions are always fun, focused and high energy.



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