Gain momentum - Move forward - Don't let small hurdles stop you - Stay focused on your targets - Win! Succeed! - It's the world's job to test your determination.

This is a pattern I often see in people in my social circle.

It sounds like this:

"I tried, it didn't work, I give up"

The resistance, opposing forces are all part of the game.

You must try way harder, have way more determination to succeed at anything.

It often takes 10'000 hours of practice to master an art.

That's 4 years, not 2 weeks.

It takes 3 months of consistent focus to get back in shape.

Often 3 to 5 years to launch a successful business.

Your environment, friends, partners will throw rocks at you to test your determination and make you stronger.

They are tests! Not invitations to give up!

Most of those who fail are not actually defeated, they simply run out of will power and give up.

Stay focused!

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