This ego thing is really funny, don't you think?

For me my ego is my sense of individualized self.

It is my personal identify or my personality vehicle.

These are some of the concepts that come to mind.

I love my ego!

I want to optimize it, harmonize it, play with it, activate it, energize it.

And... I want to dedicate it too!

I want to offer it to a plan that is way vaster than myself.

This means that my ego is not the highest authority in me.

I believe that my higher self is.

That would be my universal identify or divine identify, the ultimate source of my being and this present incarnation.

I feel that a deep purpose in my life has been to align these two bodies so that I function in total inner synergy amd harmony.

I don't think that destroying the ego is the plan, I think that aligning it is.

What's your experience?

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