It is the ability to see, own and master your shadows.

Life is made of rhythms, tides, ups and downs, movement, day and night, light and darkness.

These two opposite polarities live in all aspects of life including in every human being.

Mastering your shadows starts by knowing they exist.

Being in total denial means avoiding the truth.

That's step one.

Step two is owning them.

Basically you accept them or at least acknowledge them.

It doesn't mean that you want to live with them, it means that you recognize the play of shadows in you.

You heard the idea of spiritual bypass, right?

This is a typical example of shadow denial.

Step 3 is mastering your shadows.

This means that you play with them, navigate them, control them, direct them, dissolve them, transmute them, kick them out of yoursystem, release them, or apply whatever tactic, approach or intention you have.

Mastering your shadows means no longer being enslaved by them.

It is like entering an inner forest and facing your inner tigers, the powers or aspects of your being that challenge you.

This is a very vast topic and a life long exploration.

I have 300 articles and tips on this topic on my website that I am organizing right now.

Check the "VITAL SHADOWS" section.

It might feel uncomfortable at first to look at these dynamics.

But it immensely expands your energetic and emotional potential to really know what goes on in you.

You embrace a much vaster energy space.

If it's something you want to explore, hit me for a one on one session by phone, skype or in person.

We'll check direct tactics to play with and master these energies.

Next time you see a shadow face it and master it!

Good luck

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