Now... A serious topic!

This should be the 11th command!

Come on!!!

Are we still in that place in our human evolution where that one hasn't been cleared?!!

Rape is taboo!

It's not talked about enough!

It's too uncomfortable, is it?

This is a shame!

Respect to women should be part of basic education!

Tennagers must hear about it 20 times in school years!

It must be on billboards, on flyers!

It must be mainstream!

Respect women!

Why is it taboo?

Because if one in 4 women has been raped it might mean that 1 in 4 men is a rapist?

Not that high with repeated offenders, but numbers might be high!

And most of them get away with it.

Imagine if each rapist was in jail, right now!

How many of your friends or family members would go down!

Look around you!

In my direct circle, I have at least 200 women I personally know really well.

This means that 50 of them have been raped or sexually abused!

Can you imagine what that means?

Can you imagine the trauma?

If you are one of them, I give you my love and my compassion.

I know personally a few of you.

As a coach, friend or lover, I heard so many stories.

Brothers! I am sure you did too!

Let's wake up and bring awareness to this.

This is not an isolated traumatic episode that happens in exceptional cases!

1 in 4 means mainstream!

I believe that the solution is education!

In other terms, teach RESPECT to male teenagers!!!

The first step is to wake up!

Please! Pass it on!

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