What I see...

Two persons have an energetic potential to share something or connect because they have something for each other.

An angelic force activates that potential.

These two people are naturally taken in an energetic vortex that creates the circumstances to meet.

They will be energetically drawn to each other.

One day they end up sitting next to each other on a flight or end up connecting with each other at a social event for instance.

People will use words like coincidence.

Some people will be bolder, mystify it and call it destiny.

Some people will be even bolder and suggest that an invisible intelligence has organized that encounter.

What do you feel?

What's your experience?

Can you recall a synchronicity in your life that felt really magical and almost surreal?

In my life it's happening so often!

I have dozens of incredible examples I can recall!

Some places or power spots around the world seem to magnify the synchronicity power.

I use the word SIRAJALA in Sanskrit to describe this.

It means network.

It symbolizes the invisible network of intelligent energies that activates synchronicities.

Basically, it means being in the right place at the right time, connecting with something, someone or even a group.

Somehow you activate each other.

What must be exchanged can take so many forms!

Sometimes it's a 5 seconds hug and that's it! Complete!

I have dozens of synchronistic encounters I can recall.

Synchronicity contains the root "CHRONOS" which means time or timing.

In ancient Greece, CHRONOS is a God.

It is as well one of the main asteroides that circulates the solar system.

It symbolizes the mastery of time.

I use various code words to consciously activate synchronicities.
If we go deeper we can even see SYN CHRONOS or SYNCRONICITY as the synchronization of not just of time but of frequency, vibration or energy.

This means as well that the actual physical synchronized meeting of two persons is only the visible physical aspect of something much deeper going on which is a frequency alignment.

This frequency alignment is often in the form of an initiation, a practice or a natural resonance to an energy.

When you activate or train your SINCRONISITA abilities, you invite more synchronicities in your life.

This means that your frequency will have this ability to naturally enter in resonance with others and bring you to the right place, at the right time to meet the right people.

Again, the deep frequency alignment of two beings might not always generate a physical encounter.

It might remain a purely remote energetic alignment.

I call that synchronized activation.

This happens when two persons or a group get hit by the same energy or vibration and start responding to that vibration at the same time.

Recall any synchronistic encounters?

Do you recall the magic?

Do you feel a supernatural dimension to it?

Why were you meant to meet?

What did you share?


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