The strategic approach to shadows is a big thing.

You can embrace them, reject them, tame them or you can as well stay totally unconscious around them.

For instance when somebody projects a shadow on you like a lie, you can allow it, reject it, play with it, embrace it and so much more.

Educating your partner or the one who projects that shadow on you is only possible option.

For instance when you are around people that you would consider toxic, you can avoid them, try to educate them, or simply let them be and find ways of adapting your attitude to navigate their toxic behaviour.

The thing is that the moment you label it toxic you are already giving it a negative connotation.

You could as well simply say that they are human qualities and that your role in all that is to be able to navigate and play with toxicity the way you play with anything else in life.

As you can see, there is a natural intuitive approach to all that.

Most of the times we will naturally surround ourselves with what feels good instead of spending time around toxicity.

So, we already have a natural instinctual response programmed in us.

And this response guides our choices.

All we are doing here when exploring these various emotional responses to shadows is giving ourselves the possibility to expand our emotional intelligence around them.

Another benefit of looking at these options is simply to bring awareness around our emotions, our inner dynamics, and the way we respond to different emotional environments.

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