Your facebook wall, youtube channel and the other social channels that you own are yours.

This means that you have the right to protect that space and keep it safe for everyone

You do that in the same way you would do with your own house or a shop you own.

For instance, if you have a party at your place and two people start a verbal fight you might ask them to leave your house and do that somewhere else.

You will clean the mess and remove the traces of whatever happened there so that everyone can have fun again.

If someone is a serial trouble maker, you might stop inviting them to your events.

In a similar way, on your social platforms, it's your right to clean the mess, remove nasty comments, block toxic people so that everyone else can have a great experience.

When people visit your social platforms, they don't sign up to be exposed to public fights.

Being real doesn't necessarily mean bombarding everyone with untamed shadows.

If you feel that something challenging needs to be shared or brought up publicly, you can create a safe facilitated container with clear engagement guidelines.

A spontaneous overflow of untamed emotions on your social walls is usually not the best way to go unless you want to.

See your social walls as your living room.

What's appropriate?
What's toxic?
What's way off line?

It's your right to manage what appears or not on your walls.

This is why social networks usually give you the right to block people or delete comments.

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