This is the quality you invoke in and around you.

Other forms of calligraphies like Arabic or Chinese use the same principle. It is an invocation of a certain form, concept, idea or energy.

If you write the calligraphy "Shantih" regularly, you will simply attract peace into your life.

The "technical" details of how to write it, what pen or ink to use, etc. are only secondary to the act of simply doing it.

It is like drinking water. You can drink water in a refined crystal glass or you can drink directly from a mountain stream, water will still be water. Once you drink, your thirst will be gone.

Where can you start? First, get familiar with the sanskrit alphabet. After that, start combining the letters in simple words like "Shantih". You can play with the words, discover the fluidity in your movement. It is not complicate, in fact very simple. All you have to do is try.

Within a month you can easily master a few words you can use regularly.

You can find more simple Sanskrit words by following these links: Mantras or Deities

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