The free flow mindset is the way you position yourself when you are in non committed, non couple intentions with the lovers and women you meet.

Here are some core ways to put with core affirmations and values:
  • You can do whatever you want 
  • I have no control over any of your actions or behaviors 
  • Anything you give me is a gift
  • You are free to give or not, it's totally up to you
  • I am committed to Shakti in its universal form
  • I am committed to my freedom
  • I don't commit to another human being
  • I am drama free
  • I am stories free
  • I am not here to domesticate you
  • I am not here to fit into your agenda
The simplest way to put it is:
  • No stories 
  • No drama 
You might feel that "Whaou! What woman would like to engage with a guy like that?"

Actually, so many women want exactly that!
  • They want to be drama free!
  • They don't want needy, demanding or challenging boyfriends!
  • They want to be free and keep it that way!
  • They don't want sex to lead to endless drama and processing!
  • They just want to have fun!
Of course that's not every women!

Some are looking for a committed solid one on one relationship.

But for so many of them, the idea of having a light sensual or even sexual connection with a man who won't make trouble and has his shit together is super appealing!

If you are a woman, you can of course apply the same values and mindsets!

They work really well for both genders.

Play and enjoy!

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