This one is an essential point to keep in mind.

Sometimes in the heat of love making a woman might be warming to the idea of penetration but not be fully ready.

Guys! You must listen to the signals and feel if the timing is right or not.

Forcing yourself in her before she's fully welcoming you might trigger disconnection, negative emotions and might even be slightly traumatic.

It is always a good idea to check with your lover and feel if her genital lips are lubricated enough.

You can feel in her breathing, erotic movements if she is turned on or not.

Verbally asking is an option as well... You can say "I want to penetrate you..." and see if she gives you a yes or a not yet.

Sometimes she might not answer verbally but rather give you hints through body language and energetic response.

Be present! Listen! Feel!

A good way to test if she is ready is simply to bring the head of your penis in contact with her vaginal lips.

Stay there with minimal pressure.

At some point you might feel that she is inviting you in.

It's as if your lingam is sucked in by her vagina.

This is a very magical moment in love making and can bring you to deep presence, pleasure, complicity and awareness.

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