Ok... This is an explicit post!

I won't go into full details but Ibiza 2016 turned out to be 1 full month of deep tantric sex exploration in the form of a spontaneous duo retreat - Managed to dive super deep in daily practices... All these things I teach but often have no time to revisit.

So this time, it happened!

I am just blown away by the unleashed power of my sexual energy and what you find when you consciously dive in tantric erotic practices!

Flows of emotions, chakras opening, deep energetic releases, conscious communication, mystical experiences!

It's super fun and high energy to dive in these practices with an experienced tantric lover!

It's as well fascinating not to position ourselves as a couple but rather two totally free beings diving in a tantric exploration!

A full month of sexual activations took me to new levels of awareness, presence, clarity, checking and practicing new skills, using clear simple activation sequences or being in passionate love making and free flow!

Could write a whole book about it and will probably release a set of articles or videos on how to set up your own retreat with a lover or romantic partner!

Being for a month one on one in this deep exploration is the dream of many lovers!

I hope you get the chance one day to play on that level! I'll be happy to guide you, coach you, explore with you and your lover, the best ways to succeed with such exploration.

A powerful cocreation that I am so grateful for! Loved it!

PS: Dozens of targeted videos, articles, ebook and more on tantric sex

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