That's one of the most confusing things for guys...

Having a woman tell you she wants something just to realize she is actually testing you.

What are these tests?

They are challenges she gives you to see how strong you are!

The funny thing is that most of the times, she is not even aware that she she is actually evaluating your power.

For instance, do you feel challenged or scared by a woman's tantrum or can you relax and let her do her thing?

If she sees you following her emotional mood and getting upset, it means to her that you don't understand her feminine nature.

She wants to be upset or angry at will without you losing your ground! That's a test.

She wants you to be strong and give her space to express her emotional nature without you losing your power!

You need to be able to easily open space around her when she needs it.

Got that?

The day, she see you challenged by an event in life without having a clue of how to deal with it, she sees a weakness!

She doesn't want your weaknesses!

She wants your total unlimited power!


Well, that's a cave or tribal instinct!

It goes back thousands of years when the male needed to protect the family and babies.

If she associates herself with a weak male, she would put the life or her babies at risk because a rival tribe could be a threat to their survival.

This is why nature embedded this instinct in her: to always be on the lookout for a strong male.

Even though most of us no longer live in the jungle, these emotional needs are still there, even with our modern life styles.

To confuse guys even more, there is a second instinct that she wants to feel or see in you:

It is called emotional vulnerability or the ability to emote.

That's your ability to be emotionally touched by something so that your protective instinct wakes up.

That's your ability to sacrifice your own life to protect her.

Think of "Di Caprio" in "Titanic"...

Why is it that so many women see in his actions the ultimate romantic hero?

It is because there are two side to him:

First there is power and bravery!

He doesn't hesitate to challenge the other men around her and he keeps his total cool always!

That's power and confidence!

That's the first step!

The second step is this ability to be touched by her beauty!

The moment he needs to sacrifice himself to save her, he responds to the call with the same powerful drive!

He dies to save her and that's incredibly attractive for a woman.

Again, go back to the tribal instinct and imagine that a rival group is attacking her and her children.

Nature says that if you want the human race to survive, you need to protect kids.

This is why nature embedded this sacrifice instinct in men.

It is their ability to give their lives to save her and her kids.

This is why women love this "emotional vulnerability" in men!

Because without it, women would NOT feel secure.

Without it, men would run away and save their own lives when faced with danger.

They could even turn against women and kids and abuse them, right?

Emotional vulnerability or sensitivity  is again something a woman needs to feel to be attracted to a man.

This is why she will test you on that one as well!

She will see your reaction when confronted with challenges in life.

She will read your reaction to children or baby pets.

She will see your reaction when you speak with your ex.

Are you angry, aggressive or revengeful?

If that's the case, in her mind, she could be your next ex, right?

She doesn't want to feel threatened ever in your presence!

She wants to feel secured!


She wants to feel that you can give her the space she needs to express her feminine nature without feeling threatened by it.

If she freaks out, you need to remain strong!

That's what SHE wants to feel!

So, the art of generating sexual attraction is the art of playing with these two core emotions or attitudes: power and emotional vulnerability.

If she sees you balancing these core emotions in the right way, she will feel incredibly attracted to you.

That's one of the core tests you will face in the dating world!

You have a few more core qualities you need to express for her to feel attracted to you but we will cover them in another post.

You are now warned!

Good luck with that one!

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