I often see guys giving very narrow definitions about what women should be or do.

They will say things like:
  • If she loves me this is what she would do
  • If she was a good wife, this is what she would choose
  • How can she expect this from me?
  • Etc.

These are narrow statements!

What an insult!

Men must often widen their perspectives about the female mind.

That's the first step!

Realize that women can't be contained within simplistic narrow definitions!

Accept that there is something going on in their mind that you must let go of trying to fully grasp, control or fix.
  • Be spacious about it! 
  • Expand! 
  • Accept
  • Honor! 
  • Respect!

The  second step for men is to discover the emotional and energy postures to respond to this expansion.
  • I see you
  • It feels uncomfortable but I can take it
  • Le me feel this
  • I want to stay present with what you are going through

See the process?
  • You embrace her shadows rather than rejecting them!
  • You feel them!
  • You tune in!
  • You don't try to change them!
  • You embrace and honor them instead!

See how powerful this is?

Imagine how beautiful it is for a woman to be seen in both her lights and shadows and be equally loved!

Here is what women often say:
  • "I want you to see me! "
  • "I want you to witness me"

Why do they say that?

Because they are craving for recognition, acknowledgement of everything they are, including what makes men uncomfortable.

Can you feel it?

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