Imagine you have a shadow outbreak where she blasts you with a new shadow attack.

What you need are shadow tactics!

You must understand absolutely everything about this situation!

Why do you feel triggered, exposed, upset?

Why did she hit you?

Maybe because you invested a lot of hope and got back a flow of shadow waves!

Maybe you opened a lot and then got hit!

Maybe you had expectations, urge for soft romance and she came up with drama and shadow wave instead.

So, what's the tactic here?

Change behavior next time?

Yes! Maybe!

Add a quality you are still not expressing!

Yes! What's that quality?

More male power! More presence! More energetic integrity!

What doesn't work?
  • Complaining! 
  • Feeling sorry for yourself!

So right now, her shadows are still stacked in your system!

They are more stacked today than yesterday maybe because yesterday, she was disconnected.

Maybe today you reopened  to her and by reopening, you bring in not just the delicious late sex you had with her but as well all patterns that divide you and were still there trapped.

Simply forgiving is not good enough because she didn't apologize!

The attacks might happen again next time you meet.

This means that the moment you open up again, she's ready to blast you again!

So what's the solution?

In the background, there is still gratitude for the experience, forgiveness, love etc.

I call these soft emotions.

They are still active.

These are background emotions.

The other emotions in your system are an invasion of draining toxicity that was channeled in you.

These are loud emotions.

These are the dominating ones.

They are the screaming ones.

This toxicity is anchored in a shadow reality she holds strong in her mind.

It's a story, set of emotions, wounds, projections, intentions, etc.

She is projecting all that on you!

It's a shadow set or shadow reality.

Back to solutions!

What do you do?

You have a few options!
  • Detoxify by doing energy activation techniques in nature
  • Connect with other humans who love you
  • Channel these loud shadow emotions in your creative projects
  • Get together with her for a shadow check in
  • Design new mind sets to shift the way you relate to her in the future
  • And much more!
This is a battle, ok?

The battle is for the energetic and emotional integrity of your being

Through these experiences the spirit teaches you to own who you are.

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