If you notice that she doesn't make sense to you, that's pretty normal.

As a man, you expect a woman to be logical, rational, reasonable, consistent or coherent.

That's because you are a man and usually your mind functions in more linear ways.

Imagine that there is a totally different way of communicating that is based on feelings and emotions.

You feel and share!

That's it!

It doesn't have to make sense and it doesn't have to be logical.

She might say she wants to go on holidays one day and totally change her mind the next day.

She might contradict herself, frequently shift moods or give you inconsistent versions of what's going on in her.

If she confuses the shit out of you, here is what you must do:

Stop seeing what she says or wants as something permanent!

What's alive in her is ever changing!

It is evolving.

To keep up with that you must adapt and be flexible.

Take what she says less rationally and more emotionally.

Listen to the emotions behind her words!

What is she really saying?

She is communicating feelings and emotional states.

What's the real essence of her message?

I am angry? Sad? Upset? Super happy? Relaxed? In love? Turned on?

Listen deeper!

Stay flexible!

That's the way to go!

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