How do you deal with feelings of anger and jealousy when you see that your ex-girlfriend was chatting it up with other guys on MySpace

Another question that really strikes me!

The key word here is "Ex girlfriend".

This tells you straight away that a jealousy pattern is unjustified.

It does appear, sure! But it's an emotion which is totally useless and self destructive whether you act on it or not.

In other words; you don't want it, right?

You want to get rid of it! You want to go to battle so that the jealousy response disappears forever out of your mind.

Guess what? It is within your range to actually achieve just that!

What about the anger?

Well, anger is a different story!

Why? Because anger is actually here to serve you.

Let's dive into it...

Anger is a a fire or power trying to break free in your system.

Anger is actually the reflection of a freeing force breaking through your body and mind.

Imagine a volcano ready to explode because this lava or inner power is being constricted.

When you break up you need to free yourself from your ex.

Anger is the awakening of this inner freeing fire. In other terms anger is okay! It is actually good and natural and trying to suppress it will be counterproductive.

Now, you are not allowed to act on it or hurt anyone with this anger. You need to find other ways of channeling it until your system "digests" it.

The best is to go to the gym and do some power training. You can do that outdoor as well. You can focus on your career or launch a new business.

All these are creative expressions of your anger.

Remember!!!! You are not allowed to hurt yourself or anyone else, so don't even think about it!

See anger as a creative fire which has the power to open new doors in your life.

It destroys the past and creates new space for a new future to be born.

Without this inner fire you would stay stacked in old patterns you no longer want.

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To your power!


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