Is there a way to make sure that he never cheats on you?

No, there isn't!

You can make sure though that the probabilities for him taking that step are very slim.

How do you do that?
  • You make sure that he gets his needs met in your relationship.
  • You are at your best and attractive!
  • You have an open line of dialogue through which you communicate effectively.
  • You keep your sex life exciting.
  • He gets the attention he needs from you.
  • You take time to be romantic, passionate and nurture your love life.
  • You make plans for the future.
  • You keep on evolving.
  • You stay in good shape and take good care of yourself, your social life and career.
  • Etc.
The key word here is "Attraction"!
The more he is attracted to you, the less he will want to meet someone else.
You stay attractive by expressing your power and confidence.
You keep your life interesting and moving forward!
The goal is not to lock him in! He does not want that anyway, right?
The goal is to create for yourself a life base he stays attracted to!
Big difference!
Now, here is what does not work or sends him away:
  • Trying to control his activities and being over jealous and possessive. I am sure you guessed that one already! :)
  • Asking him for endless emotional support.
  • Expressing your insecurities to him and hoping he will solve them for you.
  • Getting stacked in your life and stopping taking risks.
  • Being enslaved by an addiction or self destructive behavior.
  • Focusing your life too much on comfort and not enough on excitement.
  • Failing to keep your sex life exciting!
  • Etc!
There is much more of course.
Basically, if the relationship is good with you, he has no reason to go and look somewhere else.
Now a big mistake women do is believing that security is the most important factor.
You know... House, money, etc.
It's not! It counts only for 1/3 in the relationship's equation.
Thrill, excitement and fresh perspectives take as much space in his mind.
A fulfilling sex life is as well essential of course.
If you want him to feel like a man, you need to behave like a female!
For now remember that if you want her to feel masculine, you need to express your feminity!
Uncontrolled jealousy outbursts are definitely not the type of attitude we are thinking of!
Uncontrolled jealousy is an expression of insecurity and emotional abuse!
It does not glorify you!
If makes you look weak because you become the slave of an emotion you don't control.
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To your power!

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