Artistic expression

If you feel attuned with artistic expression, this is of course a field you can dedicate to your spiritual quest as well.

Any spiritual action is a form of communication and exchange with a reality which is much vaster than yourself.

Artistic expression is just one way of communicating.

Yes! It is a form of meditation if you practice it within that spirit.

Painting, dance, music, sculpture, graphic arts, poetry, theater and more can all be seen as a spiritual practices when used in that sense.

Think of the renaissance, devotional art, devotional music and dancing, and more.

All of these try to manifest beauty and through that expression create union with the absolute.

This is another area where Mataji can guide your steps.

Now, how does it work?

It is very simple actually.

You simply invoke her being through the mantras I gave you earlier. You can sing her name or meditate internally on her name for instance.

This connects you with her energy field, her guru field.

It will inspire your art and give it extra strength, direction and power.

To your Yoga!


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