Senses and delight

This is another area where Mataji will offer you a path.

You noticed that the area of the physical senses has often been an area of internal conflict for those engaging into Yoga and spiritual practices in general.

There is a common belief that to succeed with your spiritual aspirations, you need to suppress desires and emotions.

This created a duality always and while many succeeded in putting a lid on their emotions, many more ended up trapped in an inner conflict.

At the end, many of these spiritual seekers ended up spending all their energy fighting with themselves rather than focusing on their practices.

The temptations were so distracting that many even gave up the path because of that.

This is another area where Mataji's energy will sponsor your development along that line without needing to go into suppressive states.

You want to feel united. You want to know that you can embrace all aspects of your being with delight without feeling guilt or shame.

You are one!

More on that coming soon

To your Yoga!


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