How to get over your ex? - Defend yourself!


When he breaks up nothing prepares you in life for that.

You have two ways to go.

  • The first one is to go into a victim role for the next month, 6 months or even years!
  • The second option is to wake up new fighting skills and realize that your life is under attack!

What do you do when you life is under attack?

You defend yourself, right?

You wake up new survival and fighting tools and go for it!

What are these fighting tools?

They are your survival drive! They are this survival instinct which wakes up when your life is in crisis.

The truth is that if you face the battle, you will win it very fast.


Because these survival skills are in you already!

They are a set of instinctual reactions you wake up to get your full power back.

These instincts will lead you to refocus and give energy back to what needs it most right now: YOU!

As long as you stay focused on your ex, the past or trying to get back together, you waste your precious time and energy!

As long as you stay focused on him, you give him more power and drain yourself.

The only single shift you need to make right now is realize it is over, clear your personal space, and make sure that you win this challenge.

I know that this article strikes a chord because I spoke with dozens of women in your situation.

I am here to help you win this battle.

To your power!


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