What if you would like to go deeper in your connection with Babaji?

There is a moment in your spiritual development in which you might reach a plateau or limit.

You might feel like your spiritual life flows at a certain "speed".

You might as well feel like you are flat lining. In other terms, it feels like there is not much new happening when you practice the techniques you are used to.

What works best?

What does it mean?

What to do next?

Here are a few key ideas:
  • Sit down and ask for help and guidance internally.

Answers to what to do next will come.

  • Deepen or intensify what you already practice now.

This could mean retreating for a few days for instance, refocusing your technique, adding rhythm in the way you practice, etc.

  • Find new techniques.

Be open to discover something new.

  • Focus more on practical action or attitude shifts rather than internal meditation.

Shift some key behaviors or attitudes which hold you back. I just covered some of this in these previous posts: What do power dynamics have to do with Babaji?, Power transfers, The key to resolve conflicts, Why it is essential to harmonize your mind

  • Shift stream or system.

You might have reached a point where the system you follow no longer matches your long term evolution line. Time to look for a new master or system.

  • Etc.

What to do if you feel you reached a certain speed and want to go deeper?

Take a white page and write down these options:

  • Ask for guidance?
  • Refocus your practice?
  • New technique?
  • Shift line of action?
  • New System?

Keep this page somewhere you can see it.

Deep inside, you already know the answer. Focus on it for a couple of days.

After that, trust yourself and take action according to the answer you got internally.

Remember that every time you make a shift in your spiritual practices, you stretch your limits.

Even a set of practices can become a confortable space you get used to.

So, when you decide to explore new territories and stretch your limits, you take some risks and invite change.


To your Yoga!


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