What do power dynamics have to do with Babaji?

Well, it is very simple:

When you connect with Babaji, he starts sponsoring your actions.

Now, imagine what happens when for instance:
  • You tend to be emotionally abusive with your wife .
  • Or in ongoing conflict with your neighbour.
  • Or extremely intolerant to other religious systems.
  • Etc.

If you are trapped in these "power abuse" mind sets and receive extra power, conflicts and tensions will naturally increase in your life.

You heard that before:

With greater power comes greater responsibility

This means that you need to be aligned with mind sets which really work for humankind on the long term.

Again, ask yourself:

What would be the impact on humankind if millions of people were doing what I am doing right now?

If the answer is "increased peace and harmony, respect and freedom...", it means that you are on the right track and are already expressing mind sets which are "sustainable" for humankind on the long term.

If the answer is "conflicts, tensions, wars...", it means that the patterns you express now don't work for humankind on the long term.

Keep in mind this long term perspective for humankind and the planet. It gives you direction and focus.

Do you believe that Babaji sponsors a harmonious line of evolution for the planet and humankind?

If yes, it is your role to express life patterns, actions and mind sets which stimulate vibrant harmony, peace and freedom on the long term

The key is in how you use your power and more specifically your "controlling power".

Makes sense, right?


To your Yoga!


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