Suppressing does not work!!! - EMOTIONAL EATING - ARTICLE

Here is the first law:

Suppressing emotional eating does not work.

If I say: stick in there with your emotional pain, that's not good enough.

If you had a frustrating day, turn on the tv in the evening and grab some ice cream, this will give you short term pleasure, boost and achieve exactly what you wanted: get rid of a negative feeling and replace it by a good one.

It worked short term.

If I tell you to suppress that and simply stick to your emotional frustration, you can force yourself for a while.

For a week, month or even longer, you will use your will power and force yourself not to eat whatever you know is bad for you. You will try to block your emotional eating instinct.

Does this work?

I think that short term (1 week - 1 month) it could work for 20% - 50% of people.

I think that long term (1 month - 1 year) it works for 1% - 5% of people or even less.

Why it does not work long term?

Because your instinctual response overpowers your will power.

With will power, you can overpower an instinctual response for a while but as soon as you relax, the old instinct takes over again.

Imagine you put a lion in a cage, as soon as you open the cage, the lion still runs, right?

The lion is your instinct. The cage is your will power.

So, if suppressing does not really work, what does?

This is what we will check in the next chapter

To your vitality!


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