What type of foods? - Raw fruits and vegetables

This is the key issue!

You need to focus on raw fruit and vegetables.

This is your key strategy and you will notice instantly that you can practically eat as much raw fruit and vegetables without ever gaining weight. True!!!

How does it work?

Well, your body needs a certain amount of energy and nutrients.

It keeps on sending a "hunger" signal until it gets them.

If the food you eat is poor in nutrients, vitamins and energy, no matter how much you eat of it, your body does not get what it needs. Therefore, it keeps on sending the "hunger" signals.

This is why you overeat.

Now, what happens, when you eat raw fruits and vegetables?

You give your body a very high amount of energy, nutrients and vitamins for a very small amount of food.

Your body sends the "full" signal much earlier.

Solution: you eat exactly what you need and the right volume of it.


To your vitality!


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