3 aspects of manifestation - ARTICLE

Here are key aspects of manifestation:

  • Birth

  • Life

  • Death

Symbolically death is renewal. It is the end but as well the starting point of the next step.

Renewal means as well transformation. Creation functions with such cycle. It is present in all aspect of our lives.

Here is how these 3 aspects are expressed in the Hindu trilogy.

Krishna and Rama are two manifestations of Vishnu. The cosmic dancer (Nataraja) which you find represented as a dancer within a circle is one of the names for Shiva. It expresses this cycle of renewal and transformation.

How does this impact on your life?

It's simple: awareness. Staying awake and simply aware that life has it's own laws. As human beings we are part of a vast cycle of manifestation.

Being aware of the forces at work can make your life easier, specially if you have the desire to master your existence.

Use the winds of existence. Go with the flow. Using your will power only is not enough.



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