Is renunciation or celibacy needed? - ARTICLE

There are dozens of streams which lead to self realization.

In India only, Yoga and Tantra propose two approaches or views on this.

Some paths require you be become a Sanyasin and renounce many aspects of your worldly life.

This is the equivalent of becoming a monk in the West.

Tantra on the other hand embraces all desires and emotions and uses these emotions and energies as a way to evolve spiritually.

All doors are open. There is no one single unified view on this.

It is like climbing a summit; you can take the Northern route or the Southern one. Both take you to the summit.

What matters is that you choose a path which matches what you feel and what you want.

If some practices feel artificial and don't match with what you feel inside, shift directions and find a tradition which does reflect what you feel inside.

If you can't find a tradition which reflects what you feel, you are welcome to create your own.

You are the master of your existence and all you have to do is trust your instincts.

Deep inside, you know the answers to your questions.

Identify what these answers are and create practices and spiritual approaches which do match what you feel.

Engaging in sexual activity or not is your choice and you are free, always.

It can be the most uplifting experience if it matches what you feel inside.

No need to be exclusive.

There is an infinity of approaches.

Choose the one which matches what you feel.

You are free!

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