How to sustain easily your state of inner harmony - ARTICLE

Here are some key ideas on harmony and why your mind and life shifts from one state to another.

Harmony and the perception of it is just one mind set.

It is one experience that you feel with your inner senses.

You feel you are in a state of harmony.

Now, life is ever changing.

Nature and your mind never stop evolving.

Why is that?

Because creation and manifestation never stop.

It is an ongoing flow of energy touching your mind, the planet and what surrounds you.

Having cycles in your life is natural, right?

Now, if you think that part of the cycle does not match what you want, you can shift it around and ad a quality to it.

Suppose for instance, that you feel bright and energized one day and that the following day, you miss motivation and energy.

The goal is simple: you want the motivation gap to be shifted again to a "high".

You want to focus on gaining mind "speed" and satisfaction.

How can you do this?

When you feel in a low, you can invoke forces and power in you to break this cycle.

It is like taking a vitamin pill when you feel tired.

What is this "harmony vitamin pill"?

It is any practice or conscious action which shifts or breaks your present my set and invites a new reality into your life.

When you feel stacked in a negative mind set, the goal is to access a destructive or renewal power which will break the mind set your are in.

You can "rebel" against a mind set you don't like.

You don't have to accept it as your reality.

If the reality you are in does not give you satisfaction, use a power building technique to kick negative emotions, beliefs or anything you don't like out of your system.

Your mind is a territory and you are the master of it.

If you feel down, it is because you have too much of the negative emotion quality.

Your goal is simple: you want to shift this and master the way your mind functions.

You want to master what happens in it.

In other terms, you will simply take one of the "power or harmony building techniques" and express it.

What is a power building technique?

Anything which energizes and refreshes your system and your mind.

It can be for instance a dynamic breathing technique.

The moment you feel "down", focus on this technique and repeat it a few times.

You can as well take off in nature, exercise or focus on something new, thrilling and exciting.

The truth is that every action generates a result.

If you feel down, it is because the actions, mind sets and structure you live in did generate these emotions.

If you want to shift your emotional foundation, you can recreate your environment, redesign the way you relate to others and shift key aspects of your life style.

You are the architect of your existence.

You are the one who designs the emotional waves of your existence through the actions you take, and the mind sets you live in.

The true first step is to realize that you are the designer of your existence.

More on specific practices in other chapters, okay?

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