Synchronicity - ARTICLE

If you take this one step further, you can talk about total synchronicity.

This would be the art of being in the right place at the right time performing the right action.

Again, when you develop a higher sense of awareness, you do actually perceive more of the invisible.

We are not talking about clairaudience or seeing auras.

These are still physical-like senses.

No, you can perceive the invisible aspects of the world around you by meditating on your third eye for instance.

After a few weeks of practice, you perception of the world around you magically increases and you perceive the causes and effects of your actions.

You discover how events, people and actions are connected and interlinked.

This means as well that you have a greater ability to see the role you can play in the vaster scheme of things.

Often, all it takes to feel synchronized is simply awareness.

You have the power perceive not just the dynamics of your own existence but the dynamics of what happens around

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