Weight loss - NEVER GIVE UP! - TIP

Results can take a while to kick in.

You need to be smart and not use the apparent lack of change in your weight as an excuse to give up.

A part of you is looking for reasons to disqualify these strategies because these strategies mean change.

They require focus and investment of time and energy.

You have to tackle resistances and know EXACTLY what the objections to your success are.

Here we go:

One key mistake is to give up!

Yes! it's that simple!

NEVER, EVER give up on your resolutions to be at the best you can be!

Yes! Sometimes, you will have to slightly shift a strategy and adapt it to your situation but the key is to keep moving in the right direction, ALWAYS!

Put it this way:

Your body will be with you for the rest of your life (at least this incarnation ;)) so you better treat it right and do whatever it takes to be at your best.

The rewards are INFINITE!

The pleasure and delight you get from living in a healthy and strong body are priceless!




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