10 steps to max vitality

10 steps to max vitality - Outdoor practices

1/2 hour spare time? Great! Instead of just going for a walk, try one of these! Maximum benefit with minimum effort.

Have fun!


Jump in the water

Sea, river, mountain lake, ...

Dynamic breathing

Dynamically breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth.

Walk bare feet

Grass, sand, ...

Light jog

Relaxed. No performance, just enjoying.

Auto body massage

Use your intuition.


Anything that comes to your mind. Try it! It’s great! Use your voice.

Have a healthy snack

Lack energy? Take a fresh fruit, dried fruits, muesli bar... Water or fruit juice for a drink.

Do some stretches + Body movement

Arms, legs, shoulders.

5 min inner gaze!

What gets you tired after a day is not just the energy you spent; it is the tension you cumulated. Relax! Sit, close your eyes and observe your breathing. Listen to nature's sounds, streaming water, birds, ...

Challenging sports

Running, mountain bike, surfing, sailing, mountain climbing, etc.

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