Get fit - I don't have time

Get fit - I don't have time

When you say: "I have no time", you are in fact saying: "I have other priorities".

This is fine. It is okay. We all have very busy lives. The trick to create time is to block space in your agenda. Make a choice, like twice 1 one hour somewhere in the week.

The second step is to focus on a way of exercising or training which is fun, exciting, social, energizing, etc. The fun aspect of training is essential. If your training is purely based on discipline and long term goals, forget it, it won't work.

To succeed, exercising must be fun and flow naturally for you. Surround yourself with people who train. Get to meet new friends and make training a more social event. Give yourself a teat or do something together after training. That way, motivation will double.


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