11 steps to find your conquering power

11 steps to find your conquering power

Assume a leadership position

Act in the name of a larger reality. If thousands of people were doing what you do, what would be the impact on your local community, your country, the planet or humankind?

See life as a battle

When you think battle, winning, you straight away shift your mind from your daily mood to a high energy mood.

Focus on win-win

You don't want to annihilate resistance, you want to join forces whenever possible. Conquering can be diplomatic, no need to be destructive.

Build up trust

Every action has an impact on your environment. Be true to yourself and those who believe in you. Be authentic.

Gather your weapons

These are the tools you need to have an impact. It can be life skills, for instance communication skills. It can be key habit patterns, like healthy eating. It can as well be real tools like a lap top or the latest cell phone.

Join forces

Recognize those who are on the same stream and join forces with them. Create strategic alliances. Get support and offer support in return. This is the power of uniting people in the name of a common cause.

Challenge yourself!

Systematically stepping beyond your comfort limits gives you a kick of power and energy. It stimulates your survival instinct and connects you with the forces of nature. You can do that with challenging sports or immersing yourself in challenging nature environments.

Train yourself!

Make sure that the skills you need are effective and updated! You must feel on top and ahead in many ways. This gives you as well the competitive edge!

Use your mind!

Make sure that your mind is your greatest ally. Replace self defeating beliefs by self empowering ones. Be superconductive to life. Empower your mind.

Be awake! Be aware!

Listen to signs. Use your instinct and intuition. Synchronize your actions. Be aware of perfect timing. Develop a sense of peripheral vision and total awareness. Balance determination with flow, wisdom and opportunities.

Keep in mind the larger picture

No matter how good you perform, 99% of what you created on the physical level will be gone within 100 years. What remains is a memory of a behavior or energy pattern which you embedded when you were alive. It is the sum of all the actions, thoughts and emotions you performed over your whole life time.

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