No fear!

No fear!

Fear is the greatest slow down force you can find in your mind.

On top of that, it's useless 90% of the time, so why bother? Why let an irrational instinctual reaction break your rhythm and self sabotage your chances.

No way! That' s what you can say right now. No way!

The best trick is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

The second best trick is to surround yourself with people who dare.

The third best trick is to have an empowering affirmation. No way! is a good one to remember, specially if you have a challenge coming up in a couple of days.

Irrational fears don't stop you anymore from taking steps because you breakthrough no matter what. Now, you see! Now you simply move with this empowering flow of energy which supports your actions.

You are born superconductive to life. It's gift given to you. It's a birth right.

You have it in your blood. You have it in your skin. This fire burning with passion that nothing can remove. So!

Nothing can slow you down. You know where you are going.

A simple equation isn't it?

No fear!

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