Agreed transfers of power

Agreed transfers of power

Here are some examples where an agreed transfer of power happens:

One example is the power given by an organization. When you are a manager you are given an extra power. This is the power to direct and have some form of control over other people's actions, time frame etc. If you are an employee, you accept to transfer part of your power to an authority in exchange of a financial reward. When you sign a contract, what you agree is upon a specific set of power dynamics.

Another example is the power given to a parent. Parents have some authority over their children. This power transfer is a natural instinct and is as well backed up or implemented by society. When the child becomes a teenager, they usually rebel against the authority of their parents. That's the moment they start recovering their power. This transfer of power can mean struggle and tension until a new balance is found.

These two examples (organizations and families) show situations where part of your natural power is transferred to another source.


Power transfer is called delegated authority is sociology. It is what happens with democracy or organizational power.

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