Be more positive

Here are some key ideas to be more positive:

It is my choice!

Being positive is first a choice. What is going on in your mind is your decision first. You take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and emotions. You won't shift negativity in one day but the first step is to decide to do something about it.

What is negativity?

Negativity is a frustration. It is a fire, will power, life force which is blocked, stacked and can't find a channel of expression. Negativity is a natural instinctual response to a threat. It is a protective reflex of your mind. It is aimed at defending your inner territory from outer aggression.

To be more positive, stay away from what is negative

People, thoughts, mind patterns, attitudes, activities, substances, colors, terms, objects, music. The list is endless! Every time you choose, you are actually selecting a state of mind. In what are you investing your time and energy? Check your CD collection, your books, the people you spend time with.

Integrate what is positive in your life

Use terms like love, care, happiness, excitement, joy, pleasure, fun. Use these terms more often. Take action which stimulate your life force. Positivism has to do with flow and freedom, openness, feeling of power. Take actions which reflect positivism. Positivism is a territory to be conquered. Use your power to get where you want to be


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