How to deal with negative feelings

How to deal with negative feelings

Negative feelings are usually related with a very specific area of your life.

You can have negative feelings because you:

Are unhappy with your body

Are single and would like to share your life with someone

Are dissatisfied with your career or studies

Feel socially isolated

Lack energy

A combination of all these elements


As you can see, there are dozens of areas negative feelings can express themselves.

There are key steps in dealing with negative feelings:

The first step is to share

The second step is to identify the negative feeling area and reduce the problem to its real size

The third step is to do build up momentum, motivation, energy and strategies to do something about it.

The fourth step is to do something about it

The fifth step is to follow up

Suppose you are single and really want to share your life with someone, the goal is to go through all these 5 steps.

It can take a few months to shift a situation around.

You want to ground new behaviors and create an empowered emotional foundation.

Going through all these five steps on your own can be tough and challenging. If you have enough will power and momentum, you can succeed.

On the other hand, if you feel that it is too much to carry on your own, consider getting targeted help to break through your situation.

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