Can you give me some clues on how I can go about changing the emptiness and sadness that I feel inside

Can you give me some clues on how I can go about changing the emptiness and sadness that I feel inside

I have just finished reading a book called Healing heart and soul by Dr Roger Cole. I'm 46 years old and I'm tired of putting on a smile and laughing and everyone thinking that I'm great when inside I feel empty sad sometimes angry and certainly not happy. Roger talks a lot about raja yoga and meditation and I'm just interested, I very much want to be happy on the inside. I've been on my own for 18 years, I have three children one who still lives home and I've just become a Grandma. I work for the Uniting church doing some part time youth work, and yet I don't feel an inner peace or happiness when there are so many things I should be giving thanks and being grateful for. I don't feel connected to God or anyone at the moment. Would love to be able to blame hormones :-) but I don't think it is. Can you help me? Can you give me some clues on how I can go about changing the emptiness and sadness that I feel inside.
I look for to hearing from you
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I'm really touched by your message. Finding happiness can be seen as a fight, a combat to gain emotional satisfaction in your life. Emotions are the surface waves of your mind. Even though they are not your identity, it is disturbing to be unhappy when it feels that life could just be great.

You heard the therapy message like: nurture, care, smile and so on. This is great and very valuable. I want to give you another message, a coaching message: Power!

I hear words like "I should...", "they told me I have to..." , etc. What happens if you shift the "I should..." to "I want..."? This is the first step. Feeling unhappy is feeling powerless. Give a dimension of power and passion to your life. How? Don't do anything unless you feel it is an exciting thing to do. Our environment is often pushing us down, limiting our ability to grow, expand and flourish in freedom.

Your desire is your fire. Your wanting, ambition is your emotional fuel. When you spend time suppressing and putting yourself aside in the name of some form of sacrifice, you are neglecting the gift of inner pleasure.

Feel free to express your anger or frustration if this is what you feel. Your emotions are your fuel. Anger is just life force trying to break through. Use that power, that force to break through life patterns you can no longer identify with. Respect! But make sure that life gives you the space, freedom and satisfaction you deserve.

I don't want to flood you with ideas, so I'll stop here. The next step is techniques and strategies to manifest that. This is where raja yoga comes in. I'll be happy to tell you more. How does this message impact in you?

With Love


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