Change my life

Change my life

Change comes with taking action. What stops you from taking action can be lack of confidence, lack of strategy, lack of energy or resources, lack of skills or emotional fuel, etc.

All of that can be overcome with some determination and power. This is what we focus on in a coaching session: building up confidence and support to take small affordable steps.

Stepping beyond your comfort zone is always a challenge. No matter what step you take, changing something in your life always creates pressure or stress on your system. This is why there is a natural tendency to resist change.

The way to handle that is to increase your awareness and get familiar with the emotions and forces which are involved in any change.

These are concepts and ideas. Once you want to change something, the best is to focus on very practical steps you can take.

Accept that there is always an opening or some form of minor risk involved but don't let resistance emotions stop you from taking action.

Every time you sit back and hesitate, you feed your doubts. If you want to build up trust and confidence, the best is to take action in one way or another.


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