Change my diet

Change my diet

I don't know where to start

Here are some common unhealthy eating patterns

•Late dinner
•Lots of snacks
•No regularity in the meals
•No breakfast
•Only 2 meals a days
•Large meals with second serving
•Sweets, candy bars, etc
•Poor in vegetables
•Poor in fruit
•Lots of meet and fish
•Lots of bread
Do you recognize any of these?

Here is what you can do for a start: simply choose one of these and replace it by a better pattern. No need to take a drastic step. We are talking about a very simple and small affordable step you can take.

Here are some healthier examples:
•Regular meals
•Replace bad snacks by good snacks (fruit, muesli bar, etc.)
•Cook smaller meals
•More veggies, less meat
•Buy more fruit
Give yourself 1 week to establish 1 simple change and nothing else. Just choose one, write it down on a "post it" and stick it on your fridge as a reminder.

Once this habit feels established and natural for you, focus on a new step.

Choose what feels natural for you, something which does not require a big effort.

The key for long term success with eating patterns is to focus on fun, healthy and enjoyable food, and find out natural habit patterns that fit you.


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