Clear my vision for the future

Clear my vision for the future

Answer 1

Here are a few tips on clarifying your vision for the future:
Take a white page and write down all your possible options even the ones you are not sure can go through

Ask experts advice and gather information. Making the right decision has a lot do with having all the information to take that decision.

Take a white page and describe your ideal long term vision (5 years from now)

There is lots more we can do together, like gather ideas, take action, clarify. I can give you feed back on your various options and see check if anything from your past is holding you back.

Next step? you decide!



Answer 2

Here are some key ideas to clarify your vision for the future:

Identify what is holding you back
If you want to move into the future, you have to free yourself from the past. Old roots or unsolved issues about the past can be a huge drain on your system. Build and protect your emotional freedom.

Write it down
When you have various options, writing them down already clarifies your vision. It synthesizes ideas in your mind.

Take small non committed steps in many directions
The best way to take a decision is not to step back and wait for the doubts to be cleared. If you want to move forward and find out what door will be open for you, you have to take small non committed steps in may directions. In that way, you test the water and get essential feelings and impressions on your various options. Gather information, speak to people, keep all options opened at this stage.

Get help and feed back from experts
When you set up on a trip to a foreign country, your first step is to get a map. This map has been designed by those who have been there before. You can of course reinvent the wheel if you want to, but why not take the easy way and ask those who have been there before?

Be realistic!
It's thrilling to dream and even more thrilling to do reality checks on your goals. It saves you immense time, energy. If you engage your resources and your being into an adventure, listen and check warning signs.

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