How is your love life?

How is your love life?

One of the keys to love is to give, share and open up without loosing yourself.

When you love, you often drop your boundaries and natural limits. The desire to abandon yourself in a stream of passion can be overwhelming.

This sudden opening sometimes leads to back clashes which hurt you and send you back to the starting point.

This happens a lot in the dating scene. You feel attraction waking up and that's it. You could loose yourself on the spot! You are taken by this overwhelming flow of energy which dances in you like a spiral of fire: "Falling in love".

Why do we say "falling" and not "rising", "jumping"? Is this a sign?

The art of loving is very much the art of giving and responding to these emotions without losing your personal foundation.

We could call this "wise love". We all agree, we don't want to kill the magic. Simply stay awake!

Going with the flow without losing a sense of direction and realism is something which empowers love rather than making it weaker.

It is beautiful to go with the flow and trust while listening to all the signs.

Be super conductive to life and at the same time listen to warning signals.

I would encourage anyone to gain awareness along that line. It does not kill the magic. On the opposite!

I have been giving free advice on dating for more than a year. Some periods, I did get up to 10 messages a day.

You could summarize theses hundreds of questions to one single, simple one: "How do you do that?"

Love is there! Always. What is sometimes missing are the tools, a strong connection with the natural flirting instincts, techniques and strategies to handle key challenges.

The same goes for relationships. Knowing a bit more about the opposite sex is always useful. A man should know about PMS and a woman should understand the dynamics of a man's mid-life crisis. This is awareness. It's using your understanding to take the harmony of a relationship one step further.

It's great to let the flow of love and passion direct your moves. Again, gaining new skills and understanding does not kill the magic. Imagine, it is like dancing the salsa. You discover some steps, wake up some moves and then forget about the recipe. The newly gained skills give you extra confidence and stimulate you to go fearless on the dance floor.

Women's magazines talk a lot about understanding better the opposite sex. Check the latest issue of "Men's Health", same story: "How to understand what she is not saying", "how to wake up her senses", "25 secrets to be her best lover", etc.

It's all there, still present in your instincts. All you have to do is wake up your natural dating moves and bring them back to the surface.

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