Communication skills

Communication skills?

It is true that confidence is what makes the real difference.

If you feel you miss the confidence when you go on stage, trying to solve that just before your speech is too late.

The way to gain power and confidence is to radically shift your emotional base.

When you meet someone, there is a natural balance of power which is established. There is an exchange. If it's one on one exchange, it's relatively easy. You only deal with one person's emotions.

When you go on stage and need to make a speech. It's very different because, you are "bombarded" by a million psychic impressions coming from the crowd.

Your fear or insecurity is related with the impact of these impressions on your own mind. You react by fear, doubts, sweat, etc.

The way to overcome this is to gain extra power. In other terms, you strengthen your emotional foundation.

There are simple and direct ways to gain power. It is a vast topic and the long term solution is really going beyond the simple trying to fix "stage fright".

My coaching aims at waking up in you your natural resources of instinctual power. You have a vast field of resources you are not using right now. The moment you wake them up, it's your whole general level of power which rises.

If you would like to give it a try, the best is to sign in for a one time coaching session. This will give you enough space to feel the impact of coaching. If you feel you need more after that, you can of course sign in for extra sessions.

I rarely coach my clients for more than a month. Why? Because they usually get all the tools they need within that period.


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