Creative chaos?

Creative chaos?

Two possible directions...

If you are about to design a business structure, design a website, or design any area of your life, you have the choice between two directions

Absolute clarity - Extreme lightness and simplicity

Creative chaos - Means thousands of links in your website, resources, info, etc. A pile of information, undigested materials and so on.

Getting info in a chaotic environment is a long and painful process. It slows down, stresses the flow and looses track on the essence. It seems that along that line, creative chaos does not provide a clear marketing flow. It remains full of undigested emotions, feelings, ideas which did not get through. Any impulse to move forward is being slowed down. Any impulsion is confronted to a blockade of undigested ideas. Moving forward is often impossible in such undigested environment.

Offer depth, density and refinement, yes! But creative chaos is not the style for today’s fast moving environment. Individuals get lost under piles of information. They need fast and clear access to what they are searching. Offering them a "safe" organised environment is something that pays off

Use clarity, clear information flow for best satisfaction and a stress-free environment

Creative chaos can certainly stimulate your creativity if you are an artist. In the business environment, it might just frustrate those who are trying to relate to you.

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